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The following examples are taken from our archive and show some of the schemes we have worked on together with a brief description of the scope of work undertaken by On-Track Consultancy. Please note that all images are copyright protected. 

Camberley Station 2019-20

The redevelopment of Ashwood House by Berkeley Homes Southern required a luffing tower crane with 60m jib to be installed opposite Camberley station and car park. The tower crane base needed to be piled with the pile and pile cap design needing FE modelling due to its complexity.  Scaffolding was needed on the elevation adjacent to NR with its collapse radius just encompassing the entrance to the adjacent NR car park but well short of the running lines. 

  • Review of BAPA with guidance 

  • Cat III independent check of the pile & pile cap FE design using Oasys. 

  • Cat III independent Cat III check of Scaffolding design.

  •  lift plans and method statement reviews. 

  • Appointed in the role of CEM

  • Temporary works forms F002/F003 compliant.

Reading Station 2014-16

Extension to Thames Tower at Reading station by Bowmer & Kirkland.  This was a complex site with a refurbishment to the existing structure with four additional floors being added all within the collapse radius to Reading Station. 

  • Cruciform tower crane built on reinforced beams on 9th floor

  • Monaflex scaffolding with mast climbers

  • Basement reinforcement to take additional loadings. 

  • Multiple road closures and commuter diversions.

  • Mobile cranage with lift plans and temporary works Design and Check submissions for outrigger load assessments

  • Independent Cat III checks for both basement reinforcement and Tower crane design and reinforcement.

On-Tracks involvement on this scheme:

  • Nominated as CEM. 

  • Carried out Cat III checks for crane base, scaffolding design and basement reinforcement. 

  • Review of method statements & risk assessments.

  • Interface with Network Rail. 

Station View,Guildford. 2014-16

Critical to the site was the installation of a contiguous retaining wall with a potential to cause heave / settlement to the adjacent running lines. Full modelling was required 30m either side of the proposed works to establish any potential ground movement which in turn helps determine strategies for design, secondary element design, monitoring, supervision timescales and methodology. 

  • FE modelling.

  • Soils analysis and GI reports

  • Detailed design submissions both temporary and permanent.

  • Associated RAMS and forms compliant with NR/L2/CIV/003

North Acton 2010-14

This Berkeley Homes owned site required two tower cranes for construction together with scaffolding and mast climbers. Both Tubeline/TFL and Network Rail were consulted during these works. Our scope of works included:

  • Guidance on initial forms such as RoCD and GU23 for LUL.

  • Fully Independent Cat III checks on pile and pile cap designs for each tower crane.

  • Independent Cat III checks for Scaffolding and mast climber designs. 

  • Temporary works including mobile craneage.

  • Associated method statements / risk assessments and associated design and check forms (NR/L2/CIV/F002/F003 previously Forms B&C)

Bexley Heath 2010-12

Mixed residential multi-block site by Bellway Homes. Submissions to Network Rail included:

  • Mobile crane lifting plans for blocks adjacent to NR running lines. 

  • Drainage strategy

  • Scaffolding independent Cat III Design and Check submissions with associated method statements.

  • Build program with critical path items. 

Battersea: 2010-12

Low rise residential development by Linden Homes with basement car parking adjacent to a Network Rail embankment.

  • Vegetation and wildlife study with embankment clearance.

  • Japanese Knotweed removal

  • Real time embankment monitoring regime installed. Track monitoring for differential settlement, cant and scew, also installed for a 3 month monitoring period. 

  • Full-time Network Rail site supervision. 

  • Contiguous retaining wall installed with deep excavation.

  • Associated design and check forms submitted with all relevant method statements and risk assessments. 

Clapham Junction 2009-12

Tower crane erection within its collapse radius to Clapham Station to facilitate the building of a new Eight storey mixed residential block by Berkeley Homes. 

  • Guidance and advice on the BAPA

  • Cat III Design and check submission for the tower crane pile and pile cap designs together with lift plans and method statement / risk assessment.

  • Help and guidance with site build program and coordination of critical path elements.

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