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On-Track Consultancy Ltd


Having recently competed a contract with Network Rail as DPE for Southern Territory in 2023, we have the most current and up to date insight on how Network Rail functions.. This builds on over 20 years experience of working in many different aspects of the Rail Network, particularly within Engineering and Outside Parties Management. Since 1999 as appointed agents for Network Rail managing Sussex and Wessex Regions, we have been helping developers on schemes from complex micro tunnels to erecting tower cranes. Whatever your scheme requirements are, we will be able to provide the necessary qualified advice and support to help you manage your scheme. 

Our staff have also had significant involvement in the development of BAPAs (Basic Asset Protection Agreement) since their integration into Minor works back in 2004/5. A variation of this is currently used by Network Rail and we can provide valuable insight as to whether one will be required as this does vary from site to site.

Building on this experience, On-Track was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping our clients manage their timescales and budgets, whilst being aware of the safety and quality assurance requirements of Network Rail and other Rail Infrastructure owners. Whilst there will always be inherent risks when working adjacent to live railways infrastructure, with an understanding of your schemes proposals and the rail authorities requirements, we can either mitigate or remove these completely.


We have worked with many different regional offices and routes from London North East to Western, Anglia, Kent, and Sussex and have built up strong relationships with many of the staff currently working there. If you are unsure about the potential involvement or requirements of any rail infrastructure owner or wish to discuss your site please

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