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Services we offer

With experienced staff we are well qualified to bring a level of insight, historical context and strategy to your project that can be tailored to suit each schemes particular requirements. Knowing your scope of work, site location and building environment will allow us to determine the most likely requirements asked for by the team responsible for your area. 


Our recommended approach includes an initial meeting that allows us to understand all the elements of your scheme enabling us to provide a fully scoped and costed proposal: This can be forecasted for the projects lifetime or it can dovetail into an agreed key milestone. Whether your project is a small residential extension or a high end mixed use multi-storey new build in the heart of London, we can provide support and guidance to help you make the right decisions.

Services we offer:

  • BAPAs, Covenants and Wayleaves. We can help  determine whether there is a requirement for you to sign a BAPA or not. 

  • Line-side Drone coverage providing a valuable perspective of your site in relation to your boundary and adjacent landowners.

  • Liaison with Network Rail / TFL or other. Up front meetings are essential in establishing exactly what these requirements might be. 

  • Insight and strategy. Providing valuable insight into the industry will allow you to make the best decisions for your scheme. We can also offer viable alternatives to current proposals that could reduce or even eliminate the need for design & check submissions. This can even be done pre planning. 

  • FE Analysis and PLAXIS modelling. We undertake 3D ground modelling to determine the potential for any track or structural movement adjacent to your proposed works for items such as

    • Pile designs

    • Contiguous /secant retaining walls

    • Basement excavations.

  • F002/F003 submissions. We coordinate the completion of these forms with both the Designer and Check prior to submission. 

  • Cat III checks for temporary works including

    • Tower Crane bases (pile and pile cap designs)​

    • Scaffoflding

    • Retaining walls

    • Secant or contiguous piled retaining walls

    • Other items of temporary works. 

  • Guidance on Drainage proposals. The significance of this discipline and its  importance to the railway is often over-looked.

  • UTX (Under Track Crossings) Heave and Settlement analysis including monitoring and vibration regime strategies

  • Guidance on construction programs and critical path items

  • Reviews of method statements and risk assessments. We provide a fully written review certificate with our recommendations

BAPAs (Basic Asset Protection Agreements) can vary considerably from scheme to scheme in both cost, scope, complexity and PI/PL requirement so we do recommend getting in touch with us prior to signing any agreement. The overall approach, cost and complexity of these agreements will also vary between the different Railway territories and even between the Scheme Managers (SIM) and their Engineers (APEs) and one way we can help is to clarify and negotiate these from the start. Our clients often find that our early involvement even before planning can successful identify areas that limit the level of submissions needed which can lead to both time and cost savings for your project. 

If you would like to discuss your own project in more detail and would like to get in touch please contact us below.

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