On Track Consultancy | Services
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On-Track are appointed by a variety of clients on many different schemes ranging from residential properties to multi-million pound mixed developments across the UK. Whatever the scheme, we believe the most important factor to a projects success is obtaining the correct advice as early as possible. As such, we would recommend that an early initial meeting with us will help provide you with critical path information that will help influence your decision making process potentially reducing time and costs delays on your project.


On-Track can offer the following services:


  • Drafting and checking of Approval in Principal (AIP) NR/L2/CIV/003/F001 submissions with all associated documents.
  • Preparation and checking of detailed design Forms F002 & F003 and other technical submissions.
  • Undertake role as Cat III Independent Checking Engineer to comply with NR/L2/CIV/003 . This category of check is required for all temporary works submissions including:
    • Working platforms.
    • Scaffolding.
    • Tower crane bases.
    • Man / goods hoists.
    • Mobile crane outrigger pad loadings.
    • Temporary support for retaining walls.
  • Provide Geotechnical support including FEA for pile design and slip circle analysis for embankments. We can also provide both GI reports and undertake site investigation work.
  • Undertake the role of Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM) subject to nomination to NR.
  • Carry out structural design and assessment.
  • Specialist knowledge of Under-track Crossings (UTX) including heave and settlement analysis.
  • Works at Level crossings.
  • Help in identifying and reducing potential project risks and associated costs on critical path elements.
  • Guidance on Basic Asset Protection Agreements (BAPA’s) and APAs.
  • Guidance and advice on a variety of engineering elements from types of piling rigs, mobile and tower cranes, foundations, boundary fencing, types of drilling techniques and more.
  • Value engineering. On-Track can help identify the most cost effective methods of construction whilst at the same time reducing potential interaction with National Rail. This can be coordinated on critical path items to help you manage your site more effectively.
  • Advice and guidance on covenants and way-leaves.
  • Advice and guidance on Party Wall awards.
  • Review of method statements, risk assessments and Work Package Plans (WPPs’)


To find out more please contact us via the Contact Us page.